Loyalty Program

  • The existing module does not support "loyalty points". This module is available on Thelia Modules' website, here.
  • Possibility to set slices and points awarded in the back office.
  • Points / credit awarded are configurable in the admin.
  • Setting the e-mail informing the customers about their offer once the number of points, or the amount, achieved.


  • Add the possibility to offer a gift for the purchase of one or more products defined.

Credit notes management

  • Credit note for a part or for the entire order.
  • Creation of a credit note reference.


  • Proportion of an article on the turnover
  • Real-time visualization of site visitors
  • Number of products seen on a defined period
  • Most used coupons
  • Best customers on a defined period
  • Best products on a defined period

Customer segmentation

  • Create filters from the admin using the following criteria:
    • - Number of orders validated
    • - Ordered products
    • - Number of abandoned or canceled orders
    • - Date of the last purchase
    • - Date of registration
    • - Total amount spent
    • - Billing address or delivery address
    • - Registration to the newsletter
    • - Post code / city / country
    • - Loyalty points
  • All these criteria can be combined.
  • Possibility to export this list.

Management of abandoned carts

  • Stats will be displayed on the back-office
  • Possibility to export data on a defined period, filtered by products in the cart, date of abandonment, page of abandonment, selected transport).
  • Configuration of a reminder email sent after X hours / days
  • Ability to configure an offer, a discount, to encourage the buying. This discount will be defined in the back office and follow those criteria : amount, conditions, time.

301 redirect manager

  • Ability to create all redirects from Thelia Back office

Creation of orders from Thelia back-office.

  • The merchant will be able to create him self orders from its back-office. That means:
  • - Creating the customer account if it is a new customer
  • - Choice of the products
  • - Choice of the delivery and payment method

Stock notifications

  • Alert if the stock level is low. Alerts are sent by mail. Threshold must be defined for each product or product attribute.

Social Networks manager Facebook / twitter / Google + connect module

  • Possibility for a customer to register from its Facebook or Twitter or Google + account. Fields will be automatically filled-in.
  • Possibility for the merchant to add its accounts Facebook / Twitter / Google + / Pinterest or other, and to enable sharing in the admin.

Database backup

  • Possibility to save its database from Thelia back office.

Client groups manager

  • Management of professionals and individuals : applying specific coupons, display prices all taxes included or excluding VAT, display different shipping methods...


  • Creation of bundles from existing products in the catalog.

Comments on products and rating

  • This module allows customers to give a note and to comment a product.

Restocking alert

  • Possibility for a customer to subscribe to be notified when the product is back in stock.


  • Opportunity to deliver the products of an order to many different addresses. The customer must be able to choose a delivery address for each product in his cart.

Account creation form optimization

  • Activation of additional fields from the admin (company name, Intracom VAT etc).

Supplier management

After Sales Services

  • Management of received emails in the back-office, and ability to assign comments to requests.

Google wallet

  • Google wallet payment module.

Gift Wrapping

  • A gift wrapping has a special price, and can be associated to the entire cart or only to one product in the cart.

Guest account

  • Allows a customer to buy without creating a customer account.


  • Automatic calculation of best sellers in the shop.


  • Customizable in Thelia back office.

Already developed functionalities:


  • To make interactions between clients and services easier.

Customer discount

  • Permanent discount for a customer.

Front-office Hooks

  • Hooks integration in the front-office layout.

Coupons, vouchers and promotions

  • Add the possibility to :
  • - Available the promotion on a category of products only.
  • - Offer shipping from such amount in the cart or any category of product or if the order contains a specific product.
  • - Offer shipping for a defined transporter.
  • - Define the countries where the promotion is available. The country taken into account here is the country of the default address.
  • - Assign a starting date, in order to activate the offer by itself.
  • - Promotion : Apply a discount percentage to a product or an entire category of products. Discount price is automatically calculated.

Shipping fees estimation

  • Bringing the ZIP code, the city and the country of delivery in the cart to estimate shipping fees.

Google Site Map

  • Automatic generation and update of Google Site Map file in xml.

Google analytics

  • Possibility to configure its Google Analytics account from the back office.


  • - Customers export: addresses, Registration Date, date of the last order, number of orders, average spend, total spend on all placed orders
  • - Catalog export: Products names, categories allotted, features and attributes available, stock and price per variation.
  • - Orders export: Order Date, Order ref, customer ref, invoice information, delivery information, products ordered, shipping cost, total cart, coupon code used, amount of promotion.
  • - Newsletter subscribers exports, full contact, not just email.


  • Import prices
  • Import inventory

Export to marketplaces

  • Export to aggregators, price comparison marketplaces and marketplaces.

Brands management

  • Brands will be managed on their on. Each brand will have a title, a description, and a logo part.
  • Brands may be associated with products.

Sales management

  • Possibility for the merchant to prepare its sales: enter all sales prices upstream, indicate the date of the sales (beginning and end). On the date mentioned, the sales price will be automatically displayed and all terms / visual related promotions will be replaced by "sales".

Virtual / dematerialized products

  • Sell of dematerialized products, with display or download of the product after confirming the order.

Management of different photos for each product features.

  • For each product, its features may have one or more photos.
    On the product page, these photos will be displayed on the selection of variation.