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and work on the core code, add features and functionality with extensions, help on translation and documentation.

They are many ways to contribute to Thelia. You can signup on Github to report issues, fork the project, work on the core code and submit new features.
Users who are not comfortable with Github can also take part in the project on the dedicated forum.


documentation Thelia

Getting Started

Find out here the requirements and how to install Thelia.


Loops are the most convenient feature in Thelia for front developers. Learn how to create your own here


Get more information about Thelia's different features, such as coupons.


You can develop new modules to extend Thelia functionalities. Be careful, a module must be PSR-0 compliant.

How to contribute ?

Creating a Pull request is the better way for submitting a patch but there are some rules to follow. First of all, fork Thelia repo and create a new branch, never work on the master branch, use it only for syncing with Thelia repo


Learn how to use the template engine Smarty and how to edit Thelia front-end and back-end templates.

documentation Thelia


Get some help and share information

Need some help? Want to share news tips or new projects ? Then visit Thelia forum!

Bug tracker


To view all Thelia issues and/or to report a new one, please sign up on Github or contact us an e-mail at .